Friday, 3 February 2012

An Update

As you have probably noticed, there has been a distinct lack of activity on this blog for the past few months. There are a couple of reasons behind this, chiefly that my enthusiasm for bootlegs and sharing them has waned a bit; realised I was downloading a lot of stuff just to have it rather than because I really wanted to listen to it. The fun of doing the blog had gone for me and has not yet returned; however chances are this is not the end as I will probably rediscover my passion at some point along the line. I've been getting more into both 60s and newer psychedelic music as well as new realeases by "the usual" type of bands, which means there are less bootlegs available anyway. Also, the recent SOPA and PIPA debacle has put me off posting any download links in case it all turns out to be futile in the near future. Luckily Mediafire doesn't seem to have been affected although some older links that I never got round to replacing may now be gone. I'm proud of what this blog achieved the past 11 months has been a bit of a learning curve! Anyway like I said, this is probably not the end for Carnival Of Light. Thanks to everyone that has visited, commented and become a member, I appreciate it.

And now for the future: of course I'll be leaving the blog up so all you lovely people can help yourself to the links already posted here. You can also find me on the Soulseek which I am regularly on under the same name as here, barnafin95. More or less everything on here is in my shared files on there, plus much, much more that was never posted here for various reasons. I'm gonna be turning my attention to Pick A Part That's New for the forseeable future as that's more what interests me nowadays, would be appreciated if you'd all come over and have a look if you haven't already: . As always comments are gratefully accepted and feel free to become a member!

Think that's everything, sorry if this post makes no sense as it sounds a bit rambling to me!

Monday, 26 December 2011

The Boo Radleys - 1993-09-13 - Black Session #34, Studio 106, Paris

Firstly, I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and got everything you wanted from it! Now, down to business: The Black Sessions are a long-running French radio session, which started in 1992 and is still going to this day. There were a lot of great bands on it back in the 90's and early 00's, (I have 10-15 sessions by other bands to post in future) but having looked at the artists who have recently appeared on the show it seems to be going downhill. This was the Boo Radley's first Black Session; the second was in 1998, promoting their final album, Kingsize. The songs here are taken from their first two albums, however this session took place before their mid-90's commercial peak so don't expect the likes of Wake Up Boo!, the songs here are a bit more shoegaze-y. This is pretty rare and it took me a while to find it online, but here it is in all its glory to enjoy. Link is my own, enjoy!

Does This Hurt
Upon 9th And Fairchild
Barney (...And Me)
Buffalo Bill
Peachy Keen
I Hang Suspended
Butterfly McQueen
Best Lose The Fear
Lazy Day
Boo Faith
I've Lost The Reason

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Inspiral Carpets - BBC Radio One Sessions

This is a pretty exhaustive collection of BBC sessions from throughout the career of Oldham's Inspiral Carpets. Not sure if it collects every session they ever did or just some though. Anyway, the 21 songs here span the band's four albums, as well as their unique takes on the Stones' Gimme Shelter and Black Sabbath's Paranoid.  The sound quality on this is excellent, as you would expect from a collection of Radio Broadcasts.  This on top of the generous tracklist make this a worthy download for any fan of the band.

Out Of Time
Directing Trafik
Keep The Circle Around
Gimme Shelter
Sun Don't Shine
She Comes In The Fall
Song For A Family
This Is How It Feels
Beast Inside
Smoking Her Clothes
Two Worlds Collide
Sleep Well Tonight
Saturn 5
The Way The Light Falls
Party In The Sky
I Want You
Born Yesterday
I Don't Want To Go Blind

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Stone Roses - 1995-08-06 - Live At The Feile Festival, Cork

Another Stone Roses gig, however this the first I've posted from the Second Coming era.  Unfortunately the last few tracks, as well as half of Love Spreads, are cut off, but this is still a decent quality recording, if a little tinny.  The setlist is quite Second Coming heavy, but there is at least the classic opening trio of I Wanna Be Adored, She Bangs The Drums and Waterfall, and the songs off Second Coming are some of the better ones on the album. If you're looking for a couple of 1995 gigs, you could do a lot worse than this, only problem is the aforementioned missing tracks. Artwork was found online, link is mine.

I Wanna Be Adored
She Bangs The Drums
Ten Story Love Song
Breaking Into heaven
Your Star Will Shine
I Am The Resurrection
Love Spreads
Elizabeth My Dear
Good Times
Driving South
Made Of Stone

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Charlatans - 1995-11-21 - Live At The Guildhall, Southampton

This excellent gig by the Charlatans was on the tour for 1995's exceptional self-titled album. Pretty much everything they did between 1994 and 1997 was absolutely brilliant in my opinion, and this show is no exception. The setlist is brilliant, and I would've loved to see them on this tour. Shame they seem to be 'doing a Paul Weller' and trying to experiment a bit with their new music; wish they would stick to what they're good at! Sound quality is pretty good, if a bit muffled. I got this from this excellent Charlatans blog, so credit goes to the owner, Spiral. Artwork is also from there, but the link here is my own.

Nine Acre Court
Just Lookin'
Here Comes A Soul Saver
I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever To Get There
Jesus Hairdo
The Only One I Know
Thank You
Just When You're Thinking Things Over
Can't Get Out of Bed
Crashin' In
Tell Everyone
Sproston Green

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Paul Weller - 2002-07-28 - Live At Hyde Park

This excellent gig from 2002 was released on a DVD I believe, however the audio is quite hard to come across (well, until now!). You can watch this gig on youtube, to give you an idea of the excellent sound quality. The setlist here is a healthy 24 songs, and is mostly excepetional, perhaps with the exception of a couple of Heliocentric and Illumination-era tracks.  Paul is joined for the last two songs by Kelly Jones, of the Stereophonics. As far as I know, this is the only live performance of Call Me No. 5 (Weller and Jones's excellent collaboration which features on Illumination). Jones also takes vocals on parts of Woodcutter's Son, making it a unique version.  Well worth a download for the last two tracks alone, although the rest of the gig is excellent too.  Links and artwork are my own. Also, the blog recently hit 50 000 views! So thanks to everyone who has visited, and here's to 50 000 more :)

Bull Rush
Friday Street
Hung Up
A Bullet For Everyone
Whirlpool's End
Leafy Mysteries
Up In Suze's Room
All Good Books
Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
This Is No Time
Foot Of The Mountain
Broken Stones
Picking Up Sticks
You Do Something To Me
Stanley Road
Out Of The Sinking
Peacock Suit
Into Tomorrow
The Changingman
Standing Out In The Universe
Wild Wood
Call Me No. 5 (With Kelly Jones)
Woodcutter's Son (With Kelly Jones)

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Who - 1968-04-06 - Live At The Fillmore East, New York

This is one of the earliest bootlegs I have, and I'm not an expert but I was surprised at how good the sound quality on this is.  This gig was in 1968, when (in my opinion, as ever) The Who were at the beginning of the peak of their career, that lasted until the mid-70s. Pretty good setlist containing songs that should be familiar to everyone, although I think the last 3 songs here are from another source, possibly a TV show. If anyone can clarify please let me know.  As previously stated, the sound quality is excellent and the setlist is good. Link is my own, artwork is not. Enjoy!

Summertime Blues
Fortune Teller
Little Billy
I Can't Explain
Happy Jack
A Quick One While He's Away
My May
Boris The Spider
My Generation

 I'm A Boy
My Generation

Monday, 5 December 2011

Supergrass - 2004-06-27 - Live At Glastonbury

First post by Supergrass, an excellent band who sadly split up early last year. This greatest hits set from 2004 was promoting their Best Of compilation, Supergass Is 10, released the same year. The gig was broadcast by the BBC, so the sound quality is as good as you would expect. I ripped the audio for this from videos hosted on Youtube by DiamondHooHaMan, so credit where it's due there. The setlist is quite short, although no complaints from me as most of my personal favourites are played: Rush Hour Soul, Pumping On Your Stereo and Grace. Link and artwork are both my own.

Richard III
Lose It
Rush Hour Soul
Strange Ones
Pumping On Your Stereo
Sun Hits The Sky

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Sessions

This great collection of demos and outtakes dates from 1970, when the Stones were recording what would become Sticky Fingers. Sound quality is very good, definitely no complaints where that is concerned. Some great songs here, and some unreleased ones such as Cocksucker Blues, make this a very worthwhile download for any Stones fan. Can't remember where I got this from, I think I googled it and found it on a blog somewhere. The artwork is also not mine, found it from a google search, however the link here is my own.

Brown Sugar (With Eric Clapton)
Wild Horses (Pedal Steel Version)
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
You Gotta Move
I Got The Blues
Sister Morphine
Dead Flowers
Moonlight Mile
Let It Rock
Cocksucker Blues
Brown Sugar
Wild Horses
Sister Morphine
Potted Shrimp

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oasis - Heathen Chemistry Sessions

This collection of demos and alternate versions dates from between 2000 and 2002, in the years leading up to what is widely regarded as their worst album, Heathen Chemistry. However, this collection doesn't include many of the songs that dragged that album down, and as a result is still an enjoyable listen. The only complaint you could really have is that there are repeated versions of songs, and The Hindu Times alternate intro version is near-identical to the one on the album. Still, some excellent songs here, notably the very different demo of The Hindu Times and a cover of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody (quite fitting I'm posting this on the first day of December!). I originally got this from Jim's excellent Big Brother Recordings blog a few years ago, so credit must go to him. The excellent artwork was done by a guy called Jake. Link is my own, enjoy!

The Hindu Times (Demo)
Force Of Nature (Demo)
Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Demo)
Little By Little (Demo)
Songbird (Demo)
Just Getting Older (Demo)
Force Of Nature (Demo/Album Edit)
The Hindu Times (Alt. Intro)
Little By Little (Early Mix)
Better Man (Early Mix)
Merry Christmas Everybody (Acoustic)
Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Orchestral Version)
Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Instrumental)


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Verve - 2008-06-29 - Live At Glastonbury

This was one of The Verve's reunion gigs from 2008, headlining the Glastonbury festival.  It was broadcast by the BBC, meaning there is excellent sound quality on this one.  The setlist is only 12 songs, but there isn't a bad one among them: classic after classic after classic. The closest thing there is to a bad song here is Sit and Wonder, which is saying something! The band is on excellent form, with Ashcroft in full-blown frontman mode. The videos of their set are available on Youtube, and it looks like an incredible night, wish I was there! This excellent download comes recommended due to the setlist and sound quality.  Link is my own but found the excellent artwork on google.

This Is Music
Space And Time
Sit And Wonder
Life's An Ocean
Velvet Morning
The Rolling People
The Drugs Don't Work
Lucky Man
Bittersweet Symphony
Love Is Noise

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stereophonics - 2010-10-18 - Performance and Cocktails At The Hammersmith Apollo, London

This gig from last year was played to mark the re-issuing of Stereophonics' first two albums: this night saw 1999's Performance and Cocktails played in full, as well as B-sides from the era and a small greatest hits set at the end. A similar thing was done the previous night, only for Word Gets Around. I ripped all this audio from various Youtube videos, similar to my Arctic Monkeys Don Valley project, which means sound quality varies. All original uploaders are credited below and inside the download. However, a sizeable chunk of the setlist is either missing or the songs are cut: I would guess maybe half of the gig falls under these categories. However, the other half is excellent, with some great recordings of rare songs. Many of these have not been played live in years, and may never be played live again! As a result, this is well worth a download. Link and artwork are my own, enjoy!

Roll Up And Shine - kevster 1973
The Bartender and the Thief - marcr2
Hurry Up and Wait (partial) - mattlockey
Pick a Part That's New - MISSING
Just Looking - Seano123456789
Half The Lies You Tell Ain't True (partial) - marikap29
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio - stonedfreeee
Fiddlers Green - LaurensLibrary92
T-Shirt Sun Tan - MISSING
Is Yesterday Tomorrow Today? - LaurensLibrary92
A Minute Longer (partial) - marikap29
Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks cover) - stonedfreeee
Nice to Be Out - MISSING
She Takes Her Clothes Off (partial) - chantalphonics
Plastic California - MISSING
I Stopped To Fill My Car Up - LaurensLibrary92
A Thousand Trees - LaurensLibrary92
More Life in a Tramp's Vest - MISSING
Same Size Feet (partial) - carsnguitars84
Too Many Sandwiches (partial) - carsnguitars84
Traffic - aMUSEdbyTwilight
Maybe Tomorrow - Sibshulbert
Have a Nice Day - MISSING
Dakota - MrGibbo62
Local Boy in the Photograph - Sibshulbert

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ian Brown - 1998-07-12 - Live At T In The Park

Another early Ian Brown gig, which are quite hard to come by, from the T In The Park Festival in 1998. Ian was promoting his debut solo album, Unfinished Monkey Business, and the setlist is made up entirely of songs from that as well as a cover of Hendrix's Little Wing. No Stone Roses songs would appear live for a fair few years, unfortunately! Your enjoyment of this will really depend on whether or not you like his debut album; his voice is not great here (even by his standards), although the sound quality is pretty good and clear. Link and artwork are my own.

Little Wing
Nah Nah
Corpses In Their Mouths
What Happened To Ya (Part 1)
See The Dawn
What Happened To Ya (Part 2)
Ice Cold Cube
My Star
Can't See Me

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Manic Street Preachers - 2011-01-27 - Live At The Miner's Institute, Blackwood

I'm not the biggest fan of the Manics admittedly, but they have released a lot of great songs over the course of their career and this gig showcases a lot of them. This gig, which was broadcast on the radio, was the band's first show in their hometown of Blackwood for over 25 years. The setlist contains their biggest hits alongside lesser known album tracks, such as the excellent Enola Alone, and songs from last year's excellent Postcards From A Young Man. Sound quality could not be any better, and this is worth getting for some of the rarer songs played. Link and artwork are my own.

01 Motorcycle Emptiness
02 Your Love Alone is Not Enough
03 Slash 'n' Burn
04 (It's Not War) Just the End of Love
05 Suicide Alley
06 My Little Empire
07 Faster
08 You Stole the Sun From My Heart
09 Postcards From a Young Man
10 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
11 You Love Us
12 Some Kind of Nothingness
13 Motown Junk
14 A Design For Life
15 Suicide is Painless
16 Enola Alone
17 The Masses Against the Classes

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ride - Live Light

This excellent live recording dates from 1994 or 1995, although there seems to be speculation about what gig this recording is taken from. The setlist draws heavily from Carnival Of Light, the album that inspired this blog's name and design: 4 of the 10 tracks played are from that album, as well as two B-sides from the same era. Sound quality is very good. This is one of only two live recordings I know of from the 'post-shoegaze' era; the other, the Black Session, has already been posted here. If anyone knows of or has any more gigs from '94 onwards, please get in touch as I'd be very interested in hearing them. Link is my own, enjoy!

Magical Spring
From Time To Time
Chelsea Girl
Only Now
Leave Them All Behind
Let's Get Lost
Close My Eyes
End Of The Universe

Monday, 14 November 2011

Travis - 1999-12-23 - Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands

Another great band who haven't featured on here yet are Travis, so here is one of a couple of bootlegs I have by them. There are a fair few recordings available online but they seem to be pretty clustered and are hard to find if you don't know where to look, so trying to spread them about a bit! This show, which was to promote The Man Who, would probably have been considered a homecoming show for the band, and it doesn't disappoint: probably my favourite Travis bootleg I own. The setlist is surprisingly long considering they only had two albums out at that point, 19 songs, which are made up of songs from their first two albums as well as their improbable cover of Britney Spears' Baby One More Time! Sound quality is very good audience although the crowd are fairly loud between songs and singing along. Link and artwork are my own, pretty pleased with the artwork. Another reminder that I am slowly but surely replacing other people's links on old posts with my own, so if there's anything you've seen but couldn't download before it's worth looking again. If I haven't got round to replacing the link yet then let me know and I'll prioritise that one above others.

All I Wanna Do Is Rock
Good Feeling
Writing To Reach You
As You Are
The Fear
The Last Of The Laughter
Good Day To Die
U16 Girls
Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Tied To The 90's
More Than Us
Slide Show
Baby One More Time
Coming Around

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Primal Scream - 2005-06-26 - Live At Glastonbury

Not posted anything by Primal Scream on here yet, but they're an excellent band with some great songs so it's about time! When I first downloaded this I had no idea, but a quick visit to Youtube told me this was a notorious gig, with Bobby Gillespie insulting the crowd and being escorted from the stage at the end. The set is slightly shambolic in places, with City being restarted and Bobby talking during the full version, but this is still worth having due to the excellent sound quality (I think it was broadcast by the BBC) and the excellent setlist: Rocks, Jailbird, Movin' On Up and the aforementioned City, some of my favourite Scream songs, are wheeled out here. Link and artwork are my own, enjoy!

Miss Lucifer
Suicide Sally And Johnny Guitar
Kill All Hippies
City (aborted)
Swastika Eyes
Movin' On Up
"D'you Wanna Hear The Stone Roses?"

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Rolling Stones - 1973-10-17 - Live At The Foret National, Brussels

I am no expert when it comes to Stones live stuff, but from what I can gather this is considered to be one of the best recordings of them available. Would like a few more though, so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know! This gig took place when they were (in my opinion) at their peak, and this is reflected in the quality of the setlist. Sound quality is very good, especially for the time, and the band are on fire. Great, worthwhile download for anyone. Link is my own, found the artwork somewhere online though.

Brown Sugar
Gimme Shelter
Tumbling Dice
Dancing With Mr D
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Midnight Rambler
Honky Tonk Women
All Down The Line
Rip This Joint
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Street Fighting Man

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Beady Eye - 2011-10-07 - Live At The Atlantico, Rome

Another recent Beady Eye recording, from almost exactly a month ago. This gig is notable for being the live debut of both World Outside My Room (which is, oddly, the opening song) and the excellent In The Bubble With A Bullet. The band play well, although Liam is starting to cut some of the notes a bit short like on the last Oasis tour (thankfully not nearly as bad as then though) and sound quality is good. The gig was recorded by a guy called Alessio, so all credit must go to him. The excellent artwork above was made by JohNLiaM. Link is my own.

Intro - World Outside My Room
Four Letter Word
Beatles And Stones
Two of A Kind
For Anyone
The Roller
Bring The Light
In The Bubble With A Bullet
Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
Kill For A Dream
The Beat Goes On
Three Ring Circus
Man Of Misery
The Morning Son
Sons Of The Stage

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Blur - 1999-03-15 - Live At The Hippodrome, London

This is one of only a couple of Blur gigs I have, however is probably the best in terms of sound quality. It is a soundboard recording that was apparently done for the BBC, and as a result is one of the more commonly found Blur bootlegs. The 15-song setlist is very 13 heavy, which may be a good or bad thing based on your taste, as well as a few songs from Leisure and Blur. None of their mid-90s hits (Parklife, Country House) are here although there is Beetlebum and Song 2 which more than makes up for this in my opinion. Artwork and link are my own.

Coffee & TV
Swamp Song
Mellow Song
Trimm Trabb
No Distance Left To Run
There's No Other Way
Song 2

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ocean Colour Scene - 1999-10-28 - Live At The NIA, Birmingham

This seems to be one of the most common OCS boots online, but thought I would stick it up anyway. This is a homecoming gig which would've been from when they were touring in support of One From The Modern, released the same year. The setlist is a healthy 20 songs long, and incorporates all their best known songs, as well as a couple off One From The Modern and a cover of the Small Faces' All Or Nothing. Sound quality is good, very much listenable. Link and artwork are my own. Also, I am in the process of adding my own links to old posts where I used other people's, which will no doubt take a while but will mean links that are currently dead will be resurrected! Starting at the start and moving through, replacing a couple of links for The Verve and The Seahorses tonight.

The Riverboat Song
Profit In Peace
The Circle
So Low
I Am The News
Fleeting Mind
Soul Driver
You've Got It Bad
Step By Step
Besides Yourself
No One At All
Foxy's Folk Faced
Traveller's Tune
Better Day
Debris Road
Jane She Got Excavated
The Day We Caught The Train
The Waves
Robin Hood
Get Away
All Or Nothing

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Babyshambles - Stookie + Jim Bumfest Demos

Some more Babyshambles demos for you all, this being a collection of acoustic recordings from about 2007 (I presume, as most of the songs here appeared on Shotter's Nation). I prefer these to the Whitechapel demos posted before as both the sound quality and standard of songs played are better, in my opinion. Worth a download as it's a chance to hear acoustic versions of some well known songs including the excellent Delivery and Carry On Up The Morning. The artwork (which I'm pretty happy with) and link are both my own. This post is dedicated to Billy Sharp, who bravely played for the mighty Doncaster Rovers last night after the tragic death of his two year old son two days previously.

1There She Goes (A Little Heartache) 
2Crumb Begging Baghead 
3New Love Grows on Trees 
4Unbilo Titled 
5Unstookie Titled 
6Carry on up the Morning 
7Cuckoo 1440 
9A Fool There Was

Monday, 31 October 2011

Arctic Monkeys - Top Marks For Not Trying

I had a bit of Arctic Monkeys stuff knocking about that wasn't really worth posting by itself as there was only 5 or so tracks in each collection, so I cobbled them together to form this compilation, similar to the Proud Mary album I made a while back. This and Beneath The Boardwalk cover all the material never officially released up until 2008, although I'm not sure any other songs have surfaced since then anyway. This is made up of the Favourite Worst Nightmare Demos, the songs on the Covers Mixtape that were not officially released, and three other unreleased tracks that have never really been compiled anywhere: Wagon On The Way To The Stripey Tent, Put Me In A Terrorpocket and Sandtrap. All the tracks here are from around the Favourite Worst Nightmare era, hence the band logo used in the artwork I made. Basically, think of this as Beneath the Boardwalk part 2. This is exclusive to the blog, and in my humble opinion very much worth a download to help complete your Arctic Monkeys collection. Link is my own.

Tracks 1,5 and 11 ripped from various Youtube videos.
Tracks 2,4,6,7,8 and 12 from Favourite Worst Nightmare Demos.
Tracks 3,9,10 and 13 from the Covers Mixtape.

Wagon On The Way To The Stripey Tent
Teddy Picker (Demo)
Love Machine (Girls Aloud Cover)
The Bad Thing (Demo)
Put Me In A Terror Pocket (Live)
Balaclava (Demo)
Fluorescent Adolescent (Demo)
Brianstorm (Demo)
You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse Cover)
Take It Or Leave It (The Strokes Cover)
Do Me A Favour (Demo)
Diamonds Are Forever

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 2011-10-23 - Live At The Olympia, Dublin

This is the first ever gig played by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, and as a result is a worthwhile addition to anyone's collection, for the historical significance if nothing else. The 20-song setlist (which has been played at every gig so far) does not disappoint, with a healthy dose of Oasis classics amongst his excellent new songs. There is also a brilliant unreleased song played called Freaky Teeth, although it isn't clear if this will ever be released officially. Until then, this will have to do! This recording is admittedly not the best quality (the best of the three gigs available online is Edinburgh, which will be posted either here or on Pick A Part That's new in future), however as I said it's still worth a download just to say you have it! The gig was originally recorded and put on Youtube by Johnky, although ordahlen converted the audio to MP3 and posted a link, which is how I got hold of it, so credit must go to both of them. The excellent artwork was done by JohNLiaM, although the link here is my own.

(It's Good) To Be Free
Mucky Fingers
Everybody's On the Run
Dream On
If I Had A Gun...
The Good Rebel
The Death Of You And Me
Freaky Teeth
Wonderwall (Acoustic)
Supersonic (Acoustic)
(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
AKA... What A Life!
Talk Tonight (Electric)
Soldier Boys & Jesus Freaks
AKA... Broken Arrow
Half The World Away
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic)
The Importance Of Being Idle
Little By Little

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Shed Seven - One Hand Clapping: The Unreleased Demos 2001-2003

Shed Seven were a much-maligned band from the Britpop era, but (surprise surprise) I like them. They had some great songs, especially on their last album, Truth Be Told. This came out a few years after they split (although the band has now reformed and is touring) and the songs here probably would've gone on to make up their 5th studio album. This was officially released, but in very small quanitities, making it pretty rare. Good collection of songs, worth a download. Link is my own.

No One Wants To Know You When You're Down And Out
Jeckly and Hyde
Alarm Bells
Some People
A Love Song For A Mermaid
I Got Music
Sad Song #32
Wake Up Dead
Country Pub (Stay Til Morning)
Why Can't I Be You (Demo)
Hanging On The Outside (Live)
No One Wants To Know You When You're Down And Out (Live)
Love Song Land