Friday, 3 February 2012

An Update

As you have probably noticed, there has been a distinct lack of activity on this blog for the past few months. There are a couple of reasons behind this, chiefly that my enthusiasm for bootlegs and sharing them has waned a bit; realised I was downloading a lot of stuff just to have it rather than because I really wanted to listen to it. The fun of doing the blog had gone for me and has not yet returned; however chances are this is not the end as I will probably rediscover my passion at some point along the line. I've been getting more into both 60s and newer psychedelic music as well as new realeases by "the usual" type of bands, which means there are less bootlegs available anyway. Also, the recent SOPA and PIPA debacle has put me off posting any download links in case it all turns out to be futile in the near future. Luckily Mediafire doesn't seem to have been affected although some older links that I never got round to replacing may now be gone. I'm proud of what this blog achieved the past 11 months has been a bit of a learning curve! Anyway like I said, this is probably not the end for Carnival Of Light. Thanks to everyone that has visited, commented and become a member, I appreciate it.

And now for the future: of course I'll be leaving the blog up so all you lovely people can help yourself to the links already posted here. You can also find me on the Soulseek which I am regularly on under the same name as here, barnafin95. More or less everything on here is in my shared files on there, plus much, much more that was never posted here for various reasons. I'm gonna be turning my attention to Pick A Part That's New for the forseeable future as that's more what interests me nowadays, would be appreciated if you'd all come over and have a look if you haven't already: . As always comments are gratefully accepted and feel free to become a member!

Think that's everything, sorry if this post makes no sense as it sounds a bit rambling to me!


  1. Thanks for all your hard work. I've really appreciated your blog for some time. Hope to see you again.

  2. Thanks for coming back. Carnival of electrical light go a long way.